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Company Name H.U. Group Holdings, Inc.
Industry Healthcare/ Pharmaceutical Industry
Job Information/Description ■Research and Development Specialist
*Master's degree or higher required
1.Data Science / Software Research and Development Specialist
-Development of clinical examination automation systems using new technologies
-Development of efficiency-enhancing applications for clinical examination tasks
-Exploratory research into new examination methods based on the analysis of mass
spectrometry data and more.
-Data analysis using Next-Generation Sequencing
-Infrastructure development for clinical examination automation
3.Reagent Development Specialist
-Reagent development tasks
-Technical transfer to manufacturing lines
-Quality Management System compliance tasks

■Medical technician
*Master's degree or higher required
Testing tasks primarily focused on genetic-related fields such as genome analysis and proteomics.
-Conducting tests and preparing reports
-Quality control
-Planning, development, and implementation of various testing frameworks

■IT engineer
Roles supporting the company from an IT and digital perspective:
-Development, enhancement, and operation of in-house systems and systems for clients
-Introduction and operation of information infrastructure equipment
-Network establishment and enhancement of information security
-DX promotion

Additionally, we are open to considering positions outside the above-mentioned roles, based on your past experience, aptitude, and preferences.
Work Location (Country name) Tokyo,JAPAN
Required Degree Bachelor
Required Major Accounting / Finance
Art & Design
Business & Management Studies
Commerce / Marketing
Communication and Media Studies
Computer Science and Information Systems
Economics & Econometrics
Education & Training
Engineering - Biological
Engineering - Chemical
Engineering - Civil and Structural
Engineering - Electrical and Electronic
Engineering - Industrial
Engineering - Manufacturing & Production
Engineering - Mechanical
Engineering - Other
Language and Literature
International Relations / Studies / Affairs
Japanese Language and Literature
Law & Legal Studies
Liberal Arts
Logistics / Supply Chain Management
Mathematics / Physics
Medicine / Pharmacology
Politics / Public Policy
Statistics and Operational Research
Science - Other
Website URL
Company Profile The H.U. Group is a unique company that offers both “Lab Testing and its related Services (LTS)” and “InVitro Diagnostics (IVD)” businesses. In addition to these businesses, we are also expanding into the “Healthcare-related Services (HS)” business and are continuing to challenge ourselves to provide healthcare catered to the individual.

In the field of clinical testing, we boast 23.4% of the domestic market, making us the top clinical testing company in Japan.SRL, the core of our LTS business,does business with approximately 80% of the large hospitals in Japan.

Operating under Fujirebio Holdings, subsidiaries located in Japan, the United States, and Europe go beyond company boundaries and promote the new global strategy, delivering invitro diagnostics worldwide.The driving force behind our growth is our research and development (R&D) capabilities. Furthermore, through partnerships with in-vitro diagnostics companies worldwide, we utilize the CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) business model to expand our reach globally.

Nihon Stery specializes in in-house sterilization at the central supply rooms in hospitals and external sterilization at the Sterilization Centers.By providing total support for important tasks related to hospital administration work, we not only enhance operational efficiency and leverage economies of scale but also contribute to creating an environment where physicians and nurses can focus on medical treatment.
Internship Not acceptable



The healthcare landscape is undergoing rapid transformation. We will continue to take on the challenge of realizing “Healthcare for You.”

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