Voice of Success

Ms. Jewel Manelle Amante

Ateneo de Manila University


Q1. Why did you decide to join Fujitsu Japan?

OOver the course of 4.5 years of working here, I get asked this question countless times, but my answer remains the same: it was a leap of faith. I took this leap of faith because I’ve always wanted to venture out of my comfort zone and face challenging situations to be able to reach the depth of my capabilities and potentials as an individual.

Deciding to join Fujitsu Japan right after University graduation had actually been a no-brainer. It was the kind of prospect that comes once in a lifetime and would have been crazy not to grasp.

I’ve always been fascinated by the Japanese society, culture, and inner mechanisms. I’ve also always been interested in technology and its impact to the world. Therefore, it just made perfect sense for me to jumpstart my career in Japan and work for Fujitsu, the #1 ICT Company in Japan.

Q2. What kind of job are you in charge of?

Currently, I am a part of Japan Global Gateway Unit. We are handling internal operations in Fujitsu and we aim to streamline our global delivery capability services and expand it to Japan.

Before this, I was a part of the Sales Department. I chose to start my career in Fujitsu Japan in the Sales field because business has always been my passion and it’s a great way of expanding my personal skill set.

As part of the sales team, I got acquainted with many people all around the world. I also had many opportunities to travel a lot for my work, both in Europe and in Asia. These kinds of opportunities are really very hard to stumble upon and I feel that Fujitsu is a great avenue for me (and others) to reach their dreams.

Q3. How is working in a Japanese Company? How do you feel living in Japan?

Entering Japan right after graduating from University meant that I’ll be facing the real world away from the comforts of my own home. It has been rough figuring out how everything works with language barrier and culture limiting what you can and cannot do. Not to worry though, the overall support of everyone in this society and the company HR has been astounding.

Working for Fujitsu Japan, even with the obvious struggle of the language barrier, makes me feel like what I am doing creates an impact not only to my team but also to the company. I am constantly challenged to go beyond expectations and to do well under pressure from the different tasks that I am in charge of. The main skill I’m learning is about problem-solving by being adaptable while still exemplifying my individuality and providing diversity to the team.

Additionally, with the pandemic ravaging the world in 2020, Fujitsu has also provided great support for the permanent work-from-home setup. This setup has given us the freedom to do our jobs smoothly while being safe and productive in our own homes.

Q4. What are your plans for the future?

I would like to further my career in terms of making Fujitsu a more global company which Fujitsu has a huge potential to do so as a tech company. Also, it has always been my dream to “leave a mark” in the world. I see how Fujitsu is a great platform for me to reach this dream since technology is at the forefront of the development of the society.

Q5. Message for the younger generations interested in working in Japan

Japan is an amazing country to live in and Fujitsu is a great company to work for. Be courageous and take that leap of faith!
You might be venturing into the unfamiliar but make sure to enjoy the amazing journey that will possibly become the best time of your life.

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