Event Details

ASEAN CAREER FAIR with Japan 2017
in Singapore

30 excellent Japanese companies will be there looking for talents from all over Southeast Asia. Participating companies will be listed soon with a wide range of jobs, from IT, banking, engineering & manufacturing, insurance to marketing and retailing.

Time & Place
Feb 11, 2017
11:00-17:00 Sat.
at Singapore EXPO
Singapore EXPO


ON-LINE and FREE. The conditions to apply are as follows:

  • The student will be graduating from the participating ASEAN universities within the next 18 months (see the list below). ALL degrees—BA, MA, MSc, PhD—in ALL majors and fields welcome.
  • The student will be required to submit their transcript. (A reference letter may be required in the post-interview stages of the process.)
  • The student will be interested in working for a Japanese company and will be able to express why.
  • The student will have command of business-level English (Japanese language ability not required, but might be an advantage in particular cases).
  • The student will have a valid passport and necessary visa to enter Singapore.


ON-LINE and FREE. The conditions to apply are as follows:

  • On the day, you will need: CV in English, cover letter (appeal yourself), student ID (bring several copies of each)
  • Travel arrangements (booking LCC air ticket) is your responsibility, including travel insurance (recommended).
  • Cost of air ticket will be reimbursed in cash at the end of the fair (See FAQs for more details).


ON-LINE and FREE. The conditions to apply are as follows:

  • Fill in the application form as directed (including E-mail contact)
  • Upload your CV, transcript and reference letter
  • After the initial screening process, selected candidates will be notified by E-mail with the invitation. Travel to Singapore will be supported by the event organizers and the amount will depend on the students' port of departure. (See FAQs for more information about financial support)
  • Invitees are asked to make their own travel arrangements to arrive at the venue in Singapore by 11:00 am.


I do not speak Japanese but can I participate ?
Apart from business-level English, there is no language requirement to participate in ACF. Be advised that you confirm with each attending company at the fair venue since they all have different Language requirements.
I want to work in Japan. Are all positions in Japan ?
You’ll meet wide ranged career locations since it all depends on each company’s strategy. You may find positions in Japan, ASEAN subsidiaries, or other branches located in other parts of the world. We strongly recommend you to find out locations as well as career paths by communicating with each firm.
What should I prepare for/bring to the event ?
Many top Japanese companies will be making presentations at the event venue, so visit as many companies as you can during the day. If you find a company that attracts you, present your CV and ask for an interview. Bring as many copies of your CV as possible and other personal statements in order to appeal yourself fully.
How are the interviews conducted and what happens afterwards ?
Interviews will be conducted at the fair venue, however, some companies may choose to have a separate interview after the event or on a separate day through Skype or other means. Please consult with each company at the event.
How much financial support do I get to travel to Singapore?
For those coming from outside Singapore, we provide travel scholarships. Please see the list below for a guideline of the stipend provided to support travel expenses on LCC carrier from each country. In order to receive this support you must attend the event for the FULL DAY. Candidates from Singapore are asked to pay themselves for local transportation to the venue. Those who pass the initial prescreening process (after online registration) will receive an invitation letter with more details about the actual sum of the stipend.
From Malaysia (except from Johor Bahru) SGD100
From Indonesia SGD200
From Philippines SGD200
From Vietnam SGD300(Ha Noi) / SGD200(Ho Chi Minh)
From Thailand SGD250
From Cambodia SGD250
From Timor Leste SGD250
Others Max SGD250
How do I receive the travel support ?
The travel scholarship will be provided in Singapore dollars in cash at the end of the event to those who have fulfilled the condition to receive it.
What do I need to cover by myself ?
You are expected to pay for other expenses, such as travel insurance, accommodation* or other fees that may incur to travel to Singapore. *For those who need to stay overnight in Singapore for interviews after the event please consult with the company who is interviewing you.
What else should I remember ?
Please bring documents you need to enter Singapore (such as your passport) and student ID (or other official forms of identification in order to receive the travel stipend). If documents are missing or falsified you will not qualify to receive the stipend.
The organizers, supporting organizations and cooperating universities bear no responsibility in cases where you fail to produce the correct documents and do not receive your stipend or where other accidents not related to the event occur.