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Industry Engineering consulting
Job Information/Description The position requires to develop two perspectives: an engineer with an well-understanding in technologies, who explores and chooses an adequate method to solve issues, and a consultant who works side by side with the client until the issue is solved.
The position is open for four fields below.
Which field and business you prefer to work in will be discussed during the selection process.

1. Construction/Disaster Preparedness Field
Key business: Structural design, seismic diagnosis, reinforcement design/Tsunami, flood, ground motion analysis/Disaster risk and business continuity assessments/BIM system

2. Information/Telecommunication Field
Key business: Network simulation/Radio propagation simulations/Data analysis and anomaly detection solutions/ Real time object detection

3. Manufacturing Field
Key business: Thermal flow, granular, and electromagnetic field analysis/Contactless strain and displacement measurement service/CPQ configurators and solutions/Supply chain APS system

4. Decision-Making Support Field
Key business: Marketing consulting/Risk analysis/Social simulation/Scheduling/Optimization Simulation
Work Location (Country name) JAPAN: Tokyo, Kumamoto (More than 90% of our customers are in Japan, therefore you will be working using Japanese language.)
Required Degree Bachelor
Required Major Accounting / Finance
Art & Design
Business & Management Studies
Commerce / Marketing
Communication and Media Studies
Computer Science and Information Systems
Economics & Econometrics
Education & Training
Engineering - Biological
Engineering - Chemical
Engineering - Civil and Structural
Engineering - Electrical and Electronic
Engineering - Industrial
Engineering - Manufacturing & Production
Engineering - Mechanical
Engineering - Other
Language and Literature
International Relations / Studies / Affairs
Japanese Language and Literature
Law & Legal Studies
Liberal Arts
Logistics / Supply Chain Management
Mathematics / Physics
Medicine / Pharmacology
Politics / Public Policy
Statistics and Operational Research
Science - Other
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Information for recruitment
Company Profile Reality' is a complex web of uncertainties. Our role is to understand their structure, find the rules that lie within them, and help to make society a better place. Kozo Keikaku Engineering introduced the use of computers to evaluate the structural integrity of buildings for the first time in Japan in 1961. It started a structural design office with two members but steadily grew its business by employing computer and engineering technology to expand its customer base. Today, KKE is an engineering consulting firm with 600 professionals from various academic fields.

The cross-sectional knowledge of our engineers and consultants enables us to provide technical consulting services that make us a good partner for our customers rather than a system integrator. With our long-established technical consulting service as a foundation, we also look to the future and take on new challenges in new businesses, a cycle sustaining our growth.

Our business targets are diverse, and so are the approaches we take: visit customers to learn about the latest trends in the field, consult internal/external experts to get hints from case studies, gather information from academic conferences to examine the issues, and go through trial/error to open new developments. We provide 'solutions' to our customers' problems through these efforts.

Our current endeavors :
1. CConstruction・Disaster Preparedness
2. Manufacturing
3. Decision-Making Support
4. Information・Telecommunication
Internship acceptable


It is an environment with opportunities for people to take on challenges. You can broaden your curiosity through friendly competition and self-improvement with members with intellectual curiosity.

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