【Through the pursuit of “human-centered automation,” we aim to become a corporate group that contributes to the sustainable development of society.】

Since our foundation in 1906, we have pursued measurement and control technologies, delivering unique solutions to our customers. The azbil Group is aiming to provide customers with its unique value in offices, production sites, and daily lives all over the world through its three business segments: Building Automation, Advanced Automation, and Life Automation.

We plan to promote initiatives toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are compatible with our Group philosophy. To this end, we will further provide new products and services that contribute to the safety, productivity, and value enhancement of production sites by using advanced technologies such as AI and various sensing technologies and expand our business by solving environmental energy-related problems in buildings and in the local community, while strengthening our business and corporate foundations. Through the pursuit of “human-centered automation,” we aim to become a corporate group that contributes to the sustainable development of society.

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azbil Group philosophy

To realize safety, comfort and fulfillment in people’s lives and contribute to global environmental preservation through “human-centered automation.”
To achieve our philosophy,

●We create value together with customers at their site.
●We pursue our unique value based on the idea of “human-centered.”
●We think towards the future and act progressively.

azbil is the symbol of the group that will bring us together.

Let us nurture it into a brand that customers love.
azbil (automation・zone・builder) represents our philosophy of realizing safety, comfort and fulfillment in people’s lives, and contributing to the global environment through human-centered automation.
The roundness of the letters signifies tender humanity, and the oval shape curving upward to the right expresses our unlimited potential.

azbil Group CSR Management: Contributing to Society’s Sustainable Development

【Business activities and growth that contribute “in series” to the achievement of a sustainable society】

The azbil Group’s Guiding Principles and Code of Conduct were renewed as a mechanism for sustainable growth. We are aiming to achieve further growth by linking “in series" the corporate philosophy to the actions of each employee and to the execution of management strategy.

Through the new medium-term plan as well, we will promote Group management and enhance corporate governance systems, advancing our unique CSR management with the following priorities for action: risk management, compliance, management with an emphasis on people, and contributions to the global environment and society.

Business Areas of the azbil Group

Based on its measurement and control technology, the azbil Group is expanding its businesses in the areas of Building Automation for buildings, Advanced Automation for factories and plants, and Life Automation for vital services and human health and well-being.

【Advanced Automation Business】
We provide products, solutions, instrumentation, engineering, and maintenance services to help optimize equipment throughout its life cycle, with the aim of solving the problems faced by production sites. We make operational environments safer and more stable by leveraging IoT, big data, and AI.
Our customer will be;
Petrochemicals & chemicals, Oil refining, Electric power & gas, Iron & steel, Waste management water supply & sewerage, Paper & pulp, Maritime shipping, Food & beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles, Electrical equipment & electronics, Semiconductors, etc.

【Building Automation Business】
Our proprietary environmental control technology provides the comfort, functionality, and energy efficiency required of today's buildings. By offering services that are appropriate for each building's life cycle, we create comfortable, efficient working and production spaces and help to minimize environmental impact. Furthermore, we also support healthy, highly productive ways of working, as well as comfortable living.
Our customer will be;
Office buildings, Hotels, Shopping centers, Hospitals, Schools, Research laboratories, Factories, Data centers, Airports, etc.

New Long-term Targets (for Fiscal Year 2030) and New Medium-term Plan (for Fiscal Years 2021 to 2024)

The azbil Group announced in May 2021 that it has established new long-term targets (for fiscal year 2030) as well as a new medium-term plan (for fiscal years 2021 to 2024) with the aim of achieving growth and contributing “in series” to the achievement of a sustainable society by providing automation-related products and services.

Based on the philosophy of “human-centered automation,” the azbil Group aims to ensure its own sound growth over the medium to long term and sustainably increase its corporate value by contributing “in series” to the achievement of a sustainable society through its business. Accordingly, the azbil Group has established new long-term targets to be met by fiscal year 2030 in which it aims to become a corporate organization with net sales in the 400 billion yen range, operating income in the 60 billion yen range, operating income margin of approx. 15%, and return on equity (ROE) of approx. 13.5%. As the first step in achieving these targets, the Group established its new medium-term plan (for fiscal years 2021 to 2024). Focusing on expanding the azbil Group’s previously defined three growth fields—new automation, environment and energy, and life-cycle solutions—which share a common foundation of automation technology, the azbil Group will develop and achieve global growth in its businesses.

Message for you all who will be talented and dedicated for the next generation global leadership.

Azbil has built a solid business basis centered on the Japanese market. For the next ten years, we plan to strengthen our global business, particularly in ASEAN.We are looking forward to meeting and communicating with you, if you would be interested in azbil group philosophy, our SDGs and environmental goals, and business goals.

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