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Company Name CAC Corporation
Industry Software, Information Processing
Job Information/Description Most new graduates start out as IT engineers. IT engineers specialize in the construction and operation of IT systems. This job involves tasks ranging from system design to development and testing, as well as administering and making enhancements to systems that are already up and running. IT engineers are involved in all aspects of these systems, acquiring advanced knowledge and skills along the way. They also have the opportunity to fully master a specific technological field and develop new technologies.

After obtaining a degree of IT knowledge and skills as an IT engineers, employees are able to branch out to different positions such as IT Consultant, IT Architect, Business Specialist, R&D, Solution Sales, Business Consultant.
Work Location (Country name) Tokyo, Japan (placement in other regions possible)
Required Degree Bachelor
Required Major Accounting / Finance
Art & Design
Business & Management Studies
Commerce / Marketing
Communication and Media Studies
Computer Science and Information Systems
Economics & Econometrics
Education & Training
Engineering - Biological
Engineering - Chemical
Engineering - Civil and Structural
Engineering - Electrical and Electronic
Engineering - Industrial
Engineering - Manufacturing & Production
Engineering - Mechanical
Engineering - Other
Language and Literature
International Relations / Studies / Affairs
Japanese Language and Literature
Law & Legal Studies
Liberal Arts
Logistics / Supply Chain Management
Mathematics / Physics
Medicine / Pharmacology
Politics / Public Policy
Statistics and Operational Research
Science - Other
Website URL
Company Profile Since CAC's founding in 1966 as Japan’s first independent software development company, we have continued to deliver a comprehensive array of services, ranging from system consulting and application development to system operations and maintenance. In particular, our teams of highly specialized and talented individuals armed with in-depth expertise in specific fields have continued to develop high-quality services. In recent years, we have also been leveraging new technologies and helping businesses globalize in order to address an even broader range of customer needs in our operations.

CAC has a solid track record in B-to-B solutions such as in the areas of finance and pharmaceuiticals. We are currently focusing on new service models in addition to solutions for B-to-B operations, which have been one of our areas of strength. These include the implementation of B-to-C services and cloud solutions, as well as aggressive business investments and overseas M&A through venture capital that is being carried out by CAC Holdings as a whole. We are also active in R&D for AI and robotics. CAC has also developed a proprietary technology platform called "AZAREA" that incorporates big data processing and new technologies for automatic program generation. We continue to take on the challenge of deepening our technological capabilities and expanding our services.
Internship Not acceptable


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