Voice of Success

Marie Pauline M. Zamora

University of Asia and the Pacific

Deloitte Consulting SEA

Why Consulting?

My name is Marie Pauline Zamora and I have been in Deloitte for around 2 years.

From my personal experience I was able to observe that consulting is an industry that provides individuals with the unique opportunity to accelerate the process of making an impact; and when done in a company like Deloitte, allows employees to greatly benefit from an extensive network of clients and an exceptional pool of staff. To be more specific, it allows one to experience a world without borders through the unparalleled opportunities it offers to travel and to learn from highly diverse, multicultural teams.

In addition I can say that, while Deloitte has a wide range of offerings and industry capabilities, all those employed in the company can expect to deepen in understanding of critical issues affecting companies while improving in the skills of logical thinking and time management, among many others.

In essence therefore, Deloitte is a company for those who are both interested to make a difference that matters, and those willing to make the effort to persevere in acquiring the skills necessary in order to achieve this.

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