Voice of Success

Ms. Indra Aye

Mahidol University International College

Deloitte Consulting SEA

Why Consulting?

My name is Indra Aye and I have been with Deloitte for over one year now.

I believe that a career in consulting is one of the only fields that will allow you to not just improve and learn new skills, but to really expand that capacity for yourself. You get to work with really talented people from all various countries and backgrounds which gives you the exposure to many interesting individuals and learning opportunities.

Why Deloitte?

I personally enjoyed being empowered by my seniors and peers to take ownership and value in the communications the most. Even within my first few months at Deloitte, I was communicating directly with CEOs and executives of major global clients, helping them design the best strategy solutions for the issues they were facing. Our people-focused culture encourages a friendly and inclusive environment that recognizes each person's unique strengths and how to continously better them.

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