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Idea Contest(Virtual)


In recent times, many companies in Japan aim to increase their competitiveness through the diversification of their organizational culture and employees. This was accomplished by outsourcing human resources from other countries. What companies seek are individuals who are capable of playing an active role by competing globally. Therefore, they are currently looking for ideas that will help to create a diverse environment consisting of employees with the aforementioned traits. Individuals that would be well fit for this role are those who are studying at a university in an ASEAN country, aiming to work for a Japanese company.

Theme and conditions

  • Theme

    Think about a system that consists of employees with diverse cultures, who can play an active role is necessary for a company’s success

  • Conditions

    (1) When considering the system, the environment and situation are premised on the following.

    1. ① Company size: Around 7,000 employees
    2. ② Headquarters location: Japan
    3. ③ The company has multiple branch offices overseas such as sales, development, and manufacturing bases.
    4. ④ Employees coming from various backgrounds have issues blending in with the Japanese culture.
    5. ⑤ The company plans to welcome a diverse human resource team in the future.
    6. ⑥ The company faces challenges in communication between the head office and overseas branch offices.
    7. ⑦ The company wants to promote more interaction among employees
    8. ⑧ There is currently an issue in retaining employees.  Employees are job-hopping to other companies after a few years, as many employees are not planning to stay long term.

    (2) Include in ideas and the benefits that can be expected, while addressing problems that can be solved by introducing the system.


  • Who is eligible

    ACF Invitees

  • How to Apply

    1st stage : Submit application documents (format prepared)
    2nd stage (Only those who passed the 1st stage) : Submit a presentation video (3min.)
    *The format and the steps to submit will be notified to ACF invitees at a later date.

  • Schedule

    1. 1st stage

      Deadline : 13th January (Thu.)
      Result announcement : 17th January (Mon.)

    2. 2nd stage

      Deadline : 24th January (Mon.)
      Voting period : 27th January (Thu.) 〜 2nd February (Wed.)
      Result announcement : 7th February (Mon.)

  • Win Prizes!

    1. 1st place

      500 SGD*
      extra prize : 1:1 Career Counseling Session(30 minutes)**

    2. 2nd place

      100 SGD*
      extra prize : 1:1 Career Counseling Session(30 minutes)**

      *Payed as your preferable e-gift
      The winners will be able to choose how to receive the prize such as an Amazon e-gift card, Apple Pay, Grab, Uber etc.
      **You can ask for advices/ ask questions about yourself, cultures, business, lifestyles and so on in the Career Counseling Session.

    1. ・At the 2nd stage, ACF exhibitors and participants watch the presentation videos and vote. The winner is decided by the number of votes.
    2. ・Award Ceremony will be held online on DAY2
    3. ・Special gifts will be presented to the best performers at the ceremony.