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Idea Contest(Virtual)


ASEAN CAREER FAIR with JAPAN was born in 2013 as a very first challenge aiming at uniting talented youth from all over South East Asia with excellent Japanese companies to build even greater future and ties together.
With the very successful achievements in the past ten years, it has brought so many actual career successes since 2013 and ACF is always seeking for more of what the future global society requires.
Therefore, we are currently looking for an idea to make ACF a project that can contribute to our society even more sustainably.

Theme and conditions

  • Theme

    Give us an idea and plan activities to be carried out by ACF Alumni members

  • Conditions

    The main purpose of the activities shall be to fulfill the following three objectives.

    1. ① To provide strong support for junior members who will join ACF and seize the opportunity.
    2. ② To support each other with ACF alumni who have found their career opportunity at ACF and are playing an active role in their companies.
    3. ③ To strengthen the ties between Japan and ASEAN countries and to make the project more socially beneficial.

    Definition of ACF Alumni :
    ・A person who has participated in ACF in the past.
    ・Regardless of whether they received an offer from a Japanese company through ACF or not. 


  • Who is eligible

    ACF Invitees

  • How to Apply

    1st stage : Submit application documents (format prepared)
    2nd stage (Only those who passed the 1st stage) : Submit a presentation video (3min.)
    *The format and the steps to submit will be notified to ACF invitees at a later date.

  • Schedule

    1. 1st stage

      Deadline : 18th January (Wed.)
      Result announcement : 24th January (Tue.)

    2. 2nd stage

      Deadline : 31st January (Tue.)
      Voting period : 3rd February (Fri.) 〜 8th February (Wed.)
      Result announcement : 10th February (Fri.)

  • Win Prizes!

    1. 1st place

      500 SGD*
      extra prize : 1:1 Career Counseling Session(30 minutes)**

    2. 2nd place

      100 SGD*
      extra prize : 1:1 Career Counseling Session(30 minutes)**

      *Payed as your preferable e-gift
      The winners will be able to choose how to receive the prize such as an Amazon e-gift card, Apple Pay, Grab, Uber etc.
      **You can ask for advices/ ask questions about yourself, cultures, business, lifestyles and so on in the Career Counseling Session.

    1. ・At the 2nd stage, ACF exhibitors watch the presentation videos and vote. The winner is decided by the number of votes.
    2. ・Award Ceremony will be held online at the sub event (16th February)2
    3. ・Special gifts will be presented to the best performers at the ceremony.