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Industry Engineering consulting
Job Information/Description 1.Engineering Consultant in Construction/Disaster Preparedness Field
We help in designing a safe and secure society that will withstand disasters like earthquakes, typhoons, floods. We provide structural design service for high-rise buildings. And with our disaster management technology, we visualize and quantify natural disaster risks by analyzing structures and the surrounding environment. 

2.Engineering Consultant in Manufacturing Field
We support manufacturing innovation from the perspective of all corporate activities including logistics, quality control, sales and management. As for the design process, we contribute to reduce the development period and cost using Simulation Based Design.

3.Engineering Consultant in Decision-Making Support Field
We support decision making and consensus building based on scientific study of communications. We conduct various studies: marketing analysis that identifies decision making patterns, decision making risk analysis, operations research analysis, data aggregation and multi-agent simulation.

4.Engineering Consultant in Information/Telecommunication Field
We design the value that lies ahead of continuous evolution of the network. We provide system development projects such as large-scale mobile communications,examination of the next generation wireless telecommunication system, and radio wave propagation analysis.

5.Others (Planning or Backoffice Unit)
Support engineers to maximize their performance through planning, management.
Work Location (Country name) JAPAN: Tokyo, Kumamoto
Required Degree Bachelor
Required Major Accounting / Finance
Art & Design
Business & Management Studies
Commerce / Marketing
Communication and Media Studies
Computer Science and Information Systems
Economics & Econometrics
Education & Training
Engineering - Biological
Engineering - Chemical
Engineering - Civil and Structural
Engineering - Electrical and Electronic
Engineering - Industrial
Engineering - Manufacturing & Production
Engineering - Mechanical
Engineering - Other
Language and Literature
International Relations / Studies / Affairs
Japanese Language and Literature
Law & Legal Studies
Liberal Arts
Logistics / Supply Chain Management
Mathematics / Physics
Medicine / Pharmacology
Politics / Public Policy
Statistics and Operational Research
Science - Other
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About the company and our services
Company Profile Kozo Keikaku Engineering introduced the use of computers to the evaluation of the structural integrity of buildings for the first time in Japan in 1961. The company started a structural design office with less than 10 members but steadily grew its business by employing computer and engineering technology to expand its customer base. Today, KKE is an engineering consulting firm with about 600 professional members from various academic fields. Rather than just analyzing data or models and creating armchair theories, we strive to design solutions that can truly be applied to the real world. We are committed to help solve complex issues facing society utilizing the power of engineering.

Our current endeavors :
1. Construction・Disaster Preparedness Field
2. Manufacturing Field
3. Decision-Making Support Field
4. Information・Telecommunication Field
Internship Not acceptable


We have been hiring talented members to our company via ACF for seven consecutive years. We look forward to meeting our future members at the coming fair!

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