Voice of Success

Ms. Phattaramon Lerdpaisalwong (Gift)

Chulalongkorn University

Daikin Industries, Ltd.

Why did you decide to challenge the global internship opportunity in Daikin?

"A stable marketing job in a global scale company which allows me to visit many countries, to meet new people, and to grow up together with the company", this is the brief answer of mine if someone asks me what my dream job is. I decided to challenge the global internship in Daikin because I believed that it could provide me the opportunity to get closer to my dream job.

Just because I graduated from the Faculty of Arts, there is almost no possibility for me to get a marketing job in Thailand, because companies here prefer hiring employees who have graduated from the related or the same field as the job position they apply for. During my last year at the university I had a chance to join a marketing internship in a start-up company in Thailand. I then have grown my interest toward marketing and want to pursue my career path further in this field. The global internship at Daikin didn’t require specific major. Moreover, Daikin is a worldwide company that I believed could give me valuable experiences like no others which would take me closer to the job I have dreamt for. Therefore, I thought that it was the chance I could not let go.

What was your role in the internship? Please share with us your experiences in your internship at Daikin in Japan.

During the 3-week internship, I was assigned to be in the Asia-Oceania group in Global Operation Division at Daikin headquarter in Japan. There were other two interns from the Philippines joining the same internship who were assigned to different groups.

I would say that our role in this internship was not only a learner, but also a creator.

As a creator, we were all given different theme about marketing to do the research and create our own proposals, then do the presentation in the last week. My theme was to research and analyze the markets in 6 ASEAN countries by having Thailand as the main focus.

However, Daikin didn’t just let me do the research, but also let me learn by experiencing. As a learner, I was trained by experienced staff and learnt from real documents which not only helped me with the research, but also with marketing job. Besides, I was taught about air conditioner and its industry by professional members. Moreover, I had chances to visit Daikin Technology and Innovation Center and factory where I could see cutting-edge technology that I would never have chance to see without joining this internship.

Separated Air Conditioner Parts Display in Front of Daikin Discovery Hall in Technology Innovation Center

What was your image of a Japanese company? Did your have any change in the image about Daikin before and after the internship?

I used to think that Japanese companies in Japan must have quiet and stressful atmosphere, and is very strict, especially big companies. However, what I experienced at Daikin was totally different.

At Daikin, not at all a quiet and strict company as I had thought, everyone was surely doing their job professionally, but the atmosphere was relaxing because of their friendliness and enthusiasm. Everyone has the time they will go and ask for the information or discuss their work matters with someone. My trainer told me that lots of valuable information was not in documents but in people, therefore to work here you have to be capable of talking to people.

I could feel that Daikin doesn’t just choose people who can work, but people who are open-minded and not bad at interpersonal skills. As for my own experience, there were some times I needed to get help from experienced people during the internship. At those times, I could care freely asked my trainer who I should talk to and I would always get friendly answer back from those people.

Working condition is as well flexible. I found that it was not difficult to take day-offs. Besides, working hour was flexible. Employees can leave the office right after the working hour has ended if they want. There is also the policy to make sure that the employees can maintain their work-life balance, such as, no OT day once a week and the rule not to take work to do at home.

Wonderful People I Met at Daikin and I (second from the right)

What do you want to perform as a global employee of Daikin in the future?

I would like to offer people products which can really respond to their needs as a who person knows well about both products and markets.

After 2 months of training in Japan with other Japanese new employees and 2 months training in affiliates, I was assigned to Product Planning Group in Global Operation Division. I then have clearer images of the job and how it really functions. I am so lucky to be assigned to this group because it requires me to learn not only insight of the products, but also about market and see how they relate to each other in the ways that people in other groups may not see.

All the experiences in a less-than-a-year period of time have taught me and changed me in so many ways. I realized that making products that serve people can make money, but more important than that the feeling of serving people comfort and solving their problems ignites the motivation inside. And this is how I found what I want to perform as a gloal employee of Daikin.

GOD 2018 New Employees joining Obon Festival

Message to younger generations interested in Daikin group.

Don’t hesitate. Just go for it.

All I can say is that Daikin has always been very supportive and I have got a lot more than I can say in words.

I don’t want you to just read this and believe me, but go take a chance and experience it all by yourself.

Huge Pichonkun, the Daikin's character, Electronic Billboard on a Building in the Center of Umeda

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