The AGC Group's history began more than a century ago, when Asahi Glass Company took on the challenge of manufacturing the first flat glass in Japan, with a view to contribute to people's lives and the country's industrial development. Since then, the Group has built up expertise and technologies in the fields of glass, electronics, chemicals and ceramics, while providing solutions to a wide range of industries, including the building materials, automotive and electronics industries. After the launch of its business operations in India in the 1950s, the Group expanded its business throughout Asia, Europe and North and South America, and its employees around the world have been striving for the development of local economy and society in each region. The basics of our business is to contribute to society through our unique materials and solutions developed using the Group's expertise and technologies.

In 2013, AGC Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd, a regional headquarters of AGC Group., was established in Singapore. The company strategically coordinates and drives forward all AGC group business in the Southeast Asian region to support the development of local infrastructure. The regional headquarters also handles marketing analysis and sales of group products, aiming to contribute to regional societies with advanced products and services relating to people’s lives, environment, imaging, communications and energy.

Why AGC Group?

Our strengths lie in the rich diversity cultivated over AGC Group's 100 years of history. Most important is our knowledge and expertise regarding diverse materials and technologies in glass, chemicals and ceramics.

Furthermore, few materials are as significant as glass. It forms buildings and furnishes interiors. It insulates homes and offers high protection at high speed in cars, planes and trains. What's more, glass enables vision like no other material. As the world's largest manufacturer of glass, we offer more and better opportunities to shape the way people see the world.

All our products are born of innovation, say for example - Dragontrail™.
Smart thinking for smart phones. Dragontrail™ is a revolutionary cover glass that is resistant to scratches, enabling cellular screens maintain their looks and their functionality longer. It can also be used for automotive applications, such as the touch panels of the vehicle console panels.

Another of our innovation in the Chemicals arena is AMOLEA™. It is a newly developed non-flammable refrigerant with low global warming potential, designed for use in centrifugal chillers, binary cycle generators, and waste heat recovery pumps.
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Singapore Marina Bay Sands Resort
ALPOLIC is a trademark of Mitsubishi Plastics

What we ask you to demonstrate

Ambition -
The desire to create excellence and be the very best you can be
Creativity -
Ideas are the single most important element in our organization
Collaboration -
Openness to share ideas but also to accept and help develop the ideas of others
Respect -
For your role and responsibilities, for your colleagues regardless of gender, ethnicity or seniority.

A global network requires a global outlook. In a highly connected world, size and scale are less potent than open minds and positive attitudes. These qualities enable creativity and collaboration. And the ability to work across borders in different cultures and languages.

More importantly, we're looking for candidates who can help us realise our goal of building a more affluent, comfortable and sustainable Southeast Asia and who value self-development.

Our Founder's Spirit -
"Never take the easy way out, but confront difficulties"

What we will demonstrate to you

Support -
We'll endorse your ideas that deliver against our environmental and efficiency goals
Opportunity -
We continue to employ only the finest teams. We offer new employees the opportunity to contribute to world-leading projects.
Diversity -
We're open to all. We cherish diversity. We know it makes for a world-class organization.
Excellence -
We're the world's most preeminent glass manufacturer. We're driven by innovation and the desire to shape the world futures.

AGC's ETFE Film used for the stadium walls of Allianz-Arena in Munich, Germany

Our Operations particularly in Southeast Asia

AGC Group is proud to have production sites and offices around the world - including Europe, America and Asia.

Operations in Southeast Asia began as early as 1963 with the Thai-Asahi Glass Public Co. Ltd (now known as AGC Flat Glass (Thailand) Public. Co. Ltd). To date, we now have production plants and offices in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam.

AGC Group is also continuously expanding in this region. Some of our latest projects in Asia include:
1) (Thailand) Share acquisition of Vinythai PCL which adds to the AGC Group PVC production base in Thailand
2) (China) Establishment of a subsidiary in China, a new production base for TFT-LCD glass substrate in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province
3) (Indonesai) Setting up of Solar Control Coating Facility in Indonesia for its Architectural Glass Production

Many exciting projects are being done here in AGC Group, join us if you are those who loves challenges!
Finally, make new discoveries with us!

AGC Asia Pacific Office Showroom

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