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Yamato Group is a leading company in the Japanese home delivery market.To improve convenience for our customers, we are constantly working to add extra value to our services. Our main service is “TA-Q-BIN”. It is the first home delivery service which allows customer to send a parcel easily, from anywhere to anywhere. We deliver 1.8 billion percels per year, which makes us No.1 in terms of market share since TA-Q-BIN service launched in 1976.
Currently, we are not only improving service quality but also developing new innovative services, especially targeting business areas where future growth is anticipated. In creating these new innovative services, we are focusing on three functions; information technology, logistics technology and financial technology.
Yamato Group will continue to expand TA-Q-BIN operations further beyond Japan's shores in Asia, where vigorous growth is expected.
By providing high quality TA-Q-BIN service and offering global consumers new value propositions, which is not available outside of Japan today, we will strive to become a leading provider of distribution and lifestyle support solution services in Asia.

Sales Driver and our customer

What we expect from you….

We are in the changing era. We are looking for candidates with following attributes of Logical Thinking, Passionate and with Integrity. “Do nothing’ is considered a sin in the company. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Logical thinking, careful deduction and creativity to make things happen are the key success factor in Yamato group.


Asia focus….

TA-Q-BIN business is a sort of social infrastructure as a part of logistics. Nowadays Yamato Group developed next-day-delivery services from Japan to general area in Asia through Okinawa Naha airport in association with ANA Cargo. Warehousing and custom clearance with 24 hours operation is extremely efficient to expand business arena of Asian territory with Japan. Logistic flow will be dramatically changed together with the growth of the business of the global clients.

International cool TA-Q-BIN

Our ASEAN regional operations network….

We started TA-Q-BIN operation in Taiwan in 2000 followed by the startups in Shanghai and Singapore in 2010, further expanded to Malaysia and Hong Kong in 2011. What is more we set up recently the regional headquarters function in Singapore to cover ASEAN territory from strategic growth point of view.

Okinawa International logistics Hub

Non-Japanese employees….

We owe very much on local employees in our local operations simply because they are ‘in the market’ with the hands-on expertise of local business process. Such people, however, can be also hired in Japan especially if they can speak willing to learn Japanese. Number of non-Japanese (Japanese speaker) employee is stably increased to 120 already (around 20 non-Japanese average in a year is hired). We also have a non-Japanese employee (English speaker) in Japan and we will proactively recruit non-Japanese high potentials who expect to work for local operations such as Malaysia and Indonesia. We will also pursue the bright students and even MBA holders for the regional headquarters functions.

Yamato track in Asia

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