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Company Name Oyanagi Construction Inc.
Industry General Contractor
Job Information/Description Oyanagi construction is a general contractor. It can be roughly divided into the civil engineering division and the building division. The civil engineering division builds bridges, dams, roads and so on. Also, we are working not only create but also protect environment. For instance, we are putting effort into environmental preservation by using dreding technology to clean up the sludge that is accumulating in rivers and swamps. The building division builds school, gymnasiums, condominiums and so on. We also accept requests for repairs such as broken window pane of the house.
In addition, oyanagi construction is putting effort into IT. You might think that "construction industry is IT?". It is true that introducing IT in construction industry is slow when compared to other industries. That's why it has potential for growth. There is a project which our company is most focused now. That is "Projection Holostruction". It is an application that developed jointly with Microsoft. We aim for the improvement of productivity, safety and transparency of the construction industry using this application.
We will change the construction industry and contribute to the community, society and the world.
Work Location (Country name) Niigata Japan
Required Degree Bachelor
Required Major Accounting / Finance
Art & Design
Business & Management Studies
Commerce / Marketing
Communication and Media Studies
Computer Science and Information Systems
Economics & Econometrics
Education & Training
Engineering - Biological
Engineering - Chemical
Engineering - Civil and Structural
Engineering - Electrical and Electronic
Engineering - Industrial
Engineering - Manufacturing & Production
Engineering - Mechanical
Engineering - Other
Language and Literature
International Relations / Studies / Affairs
Japanese Language and Literature
Law & Legal Studies
Liberal Arts
Logistics / Supply Chain Management
Mathematics / Physics
Medicine / Pharmacology
Politics / Public Policy
Statistics and Operational Research
Science - Other
Website URL
Company Profile Company Name: Oyanagi Construction Inc.
Headquarters: 1-21-5, Higashisanjo, Sanjo, Niigata, Japan
Founded Date: Nov 1945
Capital: 300 million yen
Representative: CEO Takuzo Oyanagi
Number of Employees: 294 (As of Oct 2018)
Net Sales: 102 million yen (Fiscal Year ended May 2018)

Business Model
■ Civil engineering business
Construction and maintenance of rivers, bridges, roads, tunnels and plumbing facilities
■ Building business
Buildings of condominiums, schools, hospitals and houses
■ Environmental preservation business
Having our own technology in Dredging to clean up rivers and swamps and greening of mountain's surface protect residents from mountains and disaster.
■ Pavement business
Road pavement and maintenance
■ Buried cultural property investigation business
Business started since the Great East Japan Earthquake of March, 2011. Investigate and excavate ruins and hand down the thought of ancient times to future generations.

【Advantages】Utilization of IT technology through collaboration with Microsoft/The CEO is young as thirties!/Having venture spirits despite over 70 years of founding/Having Opportunities for overseas business tour with the CEO several times a year!
Internship Acceptable


Our company supports people who really want to challenge and grow.
Now, we need you in order to change the construction industry.
Let's change it together!

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